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On this page, we have written down the most important information about our organisation, our policies and camps in English. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you are left with any questions. 

Email us: or call us: +358 50 400 1992


Children’s camp function is high-quality preventive child welfare work that has a positive effect on the well-being of both the camper and their entire family. Our camps are partly funded by the Ministery of Social Affairs and Health.

Despite the word “child welfare”, our camps are open to all children and families. At the camp, the children have the opportunity to do fun activities with secure adults, meanwhile the adults of the family have the opportunity to take a breather at home – or to focus, for example, on work.

Leirilupaus / Our quality manual

The Hauho Resort

The campsite is designed for versatile activities for children and it can be used year-round. 

The centre is located in the peaceful lakeside nature of Akkijärvi. 

There is a cafeteria building and versatile spaces for both outdoor and indoor activities located in the area.

A sauna and a pier are located by the lake.

We can accommodate up to 80 children in four different houses. 

There are five rooms of four and a room for a counsellor in each of the houses.

Versatile skills

The campsite is a natural environment to learn and practice social skills.

All campers are treated as equals.

We take different beliefs and special needs into account.

The campers will be encouraged to be independent and to take responsibility according to their age.

The rules are made together in order to create a sense of safety and to prevent bullying.

Bullying is not acceptable and conflicts will be resolved with an adult.

Possible difficulties in school won’t prevent a successful camp experience.

The camp activities will be done in age groups or with the entire camp.


Professional employees

Our professional and motivated counsellors guarantee quality camp activities.

The camp leaders and counsellors are adults and employed by us.

The counsellors are mostly students in education and social studies, or work in the field.

The counsellors have experience of working with children.

We train all our employees.

Our professional and experienced hostess and her team is in charge of food and cleaning.

The same counsellors work with the children for the whole duration of the camp.

All the employees are bound to secrecy.

Taking care

A regular day rhythm is the base of the entire camp.

The campers will eat five meals per day. Special dietary requirements are taken into account appropriately.

During the activities, the campers will exercise on a daily basis, each according to their abilities.

You can always get in contact with the camp.

Basic hygiene and the correct clothing / gear will be taken care of.

The campers are guaranteed to get sufficient and uninterrupted sleep.

In cases of illness, we will always contact the guardians and if necessary, health care.


The activities are always supervised and guided.

We follow safety regulations and pre-established operating models.

The campers’ medicines will be taken care of.

The campers are insured in case of accidents.

All the information we have of the campers is confidential.

The campers follow our social media rules.

Quality time

The camp offers the campers a refreshing change from everyday life.

The camp has a daily phone time, during other times phones are not available.

The camp has a variety of both guided and independent activities indoors and outdoors.

The camp program is constructed according to the wishes from the campers.

Campers can also plan activities for each other.

Even the youth have the right to be children.

The camp also gives a break to the adults staying at home.

Camp letter

Once the application for the camp has been processed, guardian(s) will receive a camp letter in addition to the camp bill. All important information can be found in the letter, including the camp schedule, what to pack, and our cancellation policy. The letters are sent primarily in Finnish, but we offer a version of the letter in English by request. The translated version includes general information about the camps, including what to pack, about our staff, the Hauho resort as well our cancellation policy. The translated version does not include specific dates for any camp. Information about the camp dates can be found e.g. in the camp bill. The Lasten Kesä office answers questions regarding the camps by phone and email.

Translated version of the camp letter can be found in the link below:

Camp letter in English 2024

Lasten kesän työntekijä pitelee sylissään kania kuvan takaosassa. Kuvan etuosassa kaksi lasta katsoo kania selkä kameraan päin. Toinen lapsista ojentaa kättään kania kohti.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Applications for the camps are always submitted using the electronic application form HERE. If necessary, you can request a paper form from our office.

The Hauho Resort, more commonly known as “Akkis” or “Akkimaa”, is located on the shores of Lake Akkijärvi in Hauho, Hämeenlinna.
The site accommodates 80 people. Akkis has four houses for children named after colors: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow house. The houses have five rooms of four, indoor toilets, a shower, a common room as well as a room for games and playing.
Girls and boys are accommodated in separate rooms. A camp counsellor stays in their own room in the house with the children.

You don’t need to bring your own bedding as we have those at the camp ready for the campers. Only a towel needs to be brought from home.
If you wish your children to be accomodated with siblings or friends, please write down the wishes when applying for the camp.

In addition to the accommodation, the resort includes an indoor sports hall “Säläri”, a multi-purpose facility “Huvari”, a cafeteria and a sauna.

Resort address:
Hauhon Lomakeskus
Akkijärventie 221
14770 Eteläinen (For a navigator Hämeenlinna)
25 km from the center of Hämeenlinna,
130 km from Helsinki

The application forms for our camps will be open no later than six weeks before the start of the camp. You can keep an eye on this page for new appication forms or follow our social media accounts.

For all the camps a bus transportation via Helsinki, Hyvinkää and Hämeenlinna is offered. All the stops are:

Helsinki – Hauho Resort – Helsinki

Helsinki, Oulunkylä railway station-(Oulunkylän tori 2) 

Vantaa, Keimola gas station (on starting day: Neste K Itä/East and when returning: Neste Express Länsi/West)

Hyvinkää, Teboil Sveitsinhovi bus parking stop, Mäkikuumolantie 1

Riihimäki, bus stops at highway (on starting day: Eastern side/going to Tampere and when returning: Western side/going to Helsinki)

Hämeenlinna bus station, Wetterhoffinkatu 2

Tampere – Hauho Resort – Tampere

Tampere bus station, Hatanpään Valtatie 5-7. 

Kangasala bus station, Myllystenpohjantie 1  

Valkeakoski bus station, Apiankatu 4

Pälkäne, Harhala school, Valkeakoskentie 5

Hauho bus station, Hauhontie 13

You can also find the stops, prices and timetables here.

The camps start at 16:00 on the first day and end at 13:00 on the last day. Those arriving on their own, can arrive between 15:30-16:00 on the first day and return home on the last day at 13:00.


Transportation should be booked with the camp application. If you would like to add transportation after submitting your application, please contact our office.

Trained and competent camp staff is the core of our operation. The camp counsellors and leaders are adults and employed by us.
Most of our skilled counsellors are students of education, sports or youth and social work.

The Hauho Resort also employs a property manager, a hostess, some kitchen staff and cleaners.
Employees of the Pasila office also visit the center regularly. Contact details of our permanent staff can be found here.

A letter will be sent to you after your application has been accepted, with a list of equipment you or your child needs to bring to the camp. It’s a good idea to pack plenty of weather-appropriate clothing for the camp. If necessary, we can wash the campers’ laundry at the resort.

Please name all the clothes and things you bring to the camp! The equipment should be packed together in one large bag.

At the camp the campers get have fun without a phone! The campers have a half-hour screentime every day. The camp leaders are on call every day from 10 am to 11 am and from 5 pm to 6 pm. In urgent matters, our camp leaders always answer the phone.

You can also send an email, regular mail or greetings to the camp via Facebook or Instagram. The contact information can be found in the camp letter.

We also update camp news to our Facebook and Instagram account, you should check it out! Pictures of the campers might be published there if the permission has been granted in the application.

You should receive a confirmation message of your application as soon as you submit it. The confirmation of acceptance emails start arriving three weeks after the start of the application period.

The majority of confirmations are sent via email. If you have not received a camp letter or an invoice, please first check your spam folder. If the confirmation message is nowhere to be found, please contact our office.

It takes a few business days to process paper letters and invoices.

We grant ”vacation support” (lomatuki) on social, economic and health related grounds. You do not have to apply for the support separately, you just need to state the net income of your family and/or other social, economic and health reasons that allign with the grounds. You can find more information about granting the support here.

We will score each application. Without vacation support, the camp price is doubled. If the information you have provided in the application isn’t sufficient, the Veikkaus-support cannot be granted. We will contact you if this happens. Contact us if you are left with questions!

Please check for the updated information on discounts here.

You can ask for financial support for the camp fee for example from KELA or your municipality’s family and child welfare departments.

Contact our office as soon as possible so that we can negotiate the postponement of the due date or the installment of the invoice.

Please note that you must always contact our office to cancel your attendance at the camp. An unpaid camp fee is not a way to cancel.

We will not cancel the child’s spot immediately after the due date of the unpaid invoice. Pay the camp fee as soon as possible and contact our office if necessary.

If you wish to cancel the camp, please contact our office.

Cancellations must always be reported to our office.

If you cancel less than 7 days before the camp, we will charge the camp fee in full. In the case of cancellation due to an illness or an accident, a medical certificate must be submitted to the office.

You can find the exact cancellation policies here.

All children aged 6-17 are welcome to our camps. However, our camp resort is not completely accessible, so for people with reduced mobility, it is a good idea to contact our office and discuss the child’s participation before submitting an application. If the child has their own assistant, they can also come to the camp. Unfortunately, Lasten Kesä cannot offer the child their own assistant for the duration of the camp. Diagnoses, medications, or allergies aren’t an obsticle. We take into account the individual needs of children and for example, the distribution of medicines is handled by trained staff. Our kitchen prepares meals for each camper according to their diet.

The application form asks for more information about factors affecting your child’s behavior, medication and allergies. All medications for the camp must be named and the package must be accompanied by instructions for dispensing the medication. See the camp letter for more information on this.

You can contact us about lost property by calling on emailing us. We store things at our office for about a month. Found items can be picked up from our office in Pasila, for those living further away we can mail the items.

Important policies

Our camp fees are supported by the Ministery of Social Affaires and Health and we allocate the supported camps in accordance to the camp applications. The application form needs to be filled completely or we cannot grant the ”vacation support” (lomatuki). Without the support, the cost of the camp is doubled. You can apply for the support more than once.

In the process of granting the support to the camp fee, we will score each application according to social, health or financial grounds provided in the application. The camper needs to have a Finnish address, we can not grant the support for families living abroad. Nationality or state of citizenship does not pose an issue though. We also cannot grant the support to children or youth living in a professionally run facility, the family needs to be a private household. In the case that we can not grant the support due to the information provided in the camp application, we will contact the family in question for any additional information.

We have a dedicated applyin time frame for each camp and we will fill the places according to the scoring of the applications. In the case there are still open spots at camp once the application time frame closes (like there usually is) we will fill the remaining places in the order of when the applications are – or were – submitted. You can register to the camp directly without applying for the supported camp fee, but please do pay mind that the cost of the camp will be higher in that case. 

We handle all the information provided to us with care and safe GDPR policies. The camp staff working with the children are only provided with information essential for taking care of the child during camp, and to assure their health and safety. Every camper is most warmly welcome and special to our camp staff. Proper information about any medications, allergies and behavior regarding the child make sure that we can take care of the child according to their needs as they concentrate on our high quality camp activities. We will, for example, know how to invite and lure the more shy children to participate in the activities slowly over time. 


The due date to any camp invoice is set to three weeks before the starting day of the camp. We send the invoices well before the start of the camp attached with a camp letter. All possible transportation fees are added to the camp fee in the invoice. It is possible to move the due date of the invoice if it is essential due to the family’s financial situation. The camp fee can also be paid in installments, but to do so the guardian of the camper needs to contact our office. If the camp application is submitted to Lasten Kesä less than three weeks before the start of the camp, the invoice needs to be paid before the camp starts if any other agreements haven’t been made.
Unpaid invoices result in two reminders to either the guardian’s email or as a postage to the provided address. After the two reminders we transfer the still unpaid invoices to a third party collection agency. The child can attend the next camp, when the latest camp’s fees have been fully paid.
If the cancellation happens in less than 7 days before the camp starts we will charge the full camp fee, unless the camper has a medical certificate for the illness/injury causing the cancellation. If the camp has to be discontinued and the camper is sent home due to an illness, we will not return the camp fee, but it is possible to apply for a refund from your own insurance company.
If the camp is discontinued due to a issue with the child’s behaviour, we are not obligated to return the camp fee. In these cases the guardian is responsible for transporting the camper back home. In the case that the whole camp needs to be discontinued for all participants, we will refund the camp fees in full or in accordance to the camp days and the agreed installments.  

In Helsinki August 20th 2018

Lasten Kesä ry

Addition March 23rd 2020:

If there is a need to cancel camps due to instructions from state officials, for example in a case of an epidemic, we will refund all camp fees in full. 

Something missing?

We are using eOmistaja's lost and found services (click the logo). All items found at our Hauho resort will be put onto said page.
In case you find a lost and found item that belongs to you or your family member, please contact us by email or phone. Remember to also tell us the ID number of the item in question. Lost and found items can be picked up directly from our Hauho resort or you may ask for the item to be brought to our office located in Helsinki. We can also discuss shipping the item to you.